Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What Type Of Blogger Are You?

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Making a little money online is easy. Making enough money to totally support your living is near on impossible for the average blogger. Without investment or a brain that thinks ahead of everyone else is a rare talent that only a small percentage of this world’s population have. These people would be a success in whatever vocation the take up.

For the average blogger, dreaming about making more money than you get seems to be the norm. Many bloggers just resigning themselves to doing it for fun, the money a bonus or they just give up when they realise that there is no easy way to earn wads.

Where do you stand in terms of trying to make money online which group do you fall into. There are three main groups that I guess would cover most bloggers reasons for blogging.

1. Just blogging for fun and getting your message through

2. Blogging for fun and making money whilst doing it for fun

3. Blogging purely for financial reward

Originally I put myself in the first group then realised that the second group was just as fun. I don’t’ think I have the acumen for a transition to the third group and have come to term with that a long time ago.

The point I am trying to get over is that just because you don’t make too much blogging shouldn’t really matter. Look at it as a challenge on top of expressing yourself whilst blogging and do things that will enhance your earning capacity. If you don’t then blogging will become stressful and the pleasure factor will disappear. That’s why so many people become ex-bloggers purely from frustration of not earning more than they do.

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