Friday, 24 July 2009

A Tragic Double Edged Story

Let me tell you a short but tragic story. I have a life long friend who I knew from school and he had a business that he ran. He was the manager of a musical instrument hire business and employed five people. He had a family that relied on him to pay the bills, no children but his parents who couldn’t manage on their pension alone. He was a great guy, but tragedy struck.

A Tragic Double Edged Story

He was a great football fan and one evening he was watching his favourite team live on TV and he past away quietly during the match. He hadn’t even reached 45 years of age and led a relatively active life. We were all shocked and really still today some years later can’t believe he is no longer with us. The worst part was that he wasn’t insured and his parent now are just reliant on their pension and their standard of living has dropped substantially. The business had to be sold as there was no none to run it and they now not only have lost their son but their comfortable lifestyle.

A Tragic Double Edged StoryYou don’t think about your children passing away before you and these things do happen. If he was insured with a simple term insurance for a sum of less than $1 you could be covered for thousands of dollars. It doesn’t help the sadness but at least the financial future would have been bright for my friend’s parents.

You can get life insurance quotes easily online and to many who aren’t insured I suggest you seriously consider it. It is the cheapest form of insurance and probably the most important. Getting term life insurance quotes is the first step you can take to ensuring you are catered for financial should tragedy strikes as it did for my friend. Such a simple oversight and now it’s too late for them to do anything about it. The most ironic things was, they were insured!
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