Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Bicycle Courier

Bicycle couriers are in great demand and there is no shortage of work in certain areas. So, if you like riding a bike and live in a town or city, this could be a good way of earning good money by doing something you like.

Cycle couriers or bicycle messengers are most often found in the central business districts of metropolitan areas. They are used and in great demand because bicycles can travel faster car and many motorcycles through heavy city traffic. This is cheaper as they just pay the courier with no vehicle costs. It is also the greenest type of transport in built up areas that need it.

An essential piece of equipment is a bicycle. Many different types of bicycles can be used including road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and even BMX bicycles. the most popular is the fixed-gear bicycles as they are the lightest and most practical as not much can go wrong with it being less technical.

There is a three wheeled option if you work brings about big loads to transport but this is quite cumbersome in built up areas and the times of delivery are slower due to this.

A bag is needed to carry letters and packages as well as personal effects. Single strap bags are the best as it wraps diagonally across the chest, it is actually called a messenger bags. With these you don’t have to take it off as it can be swung back and forth giving ease of access There are two-strap backpacks available but these have to be partially removed to access the storage compartments, but this sacrifice may be taken for a more evenly distributed weight across both shoulders and are less movement while riding.

Most bags come with clips, pockets and webbing loops on the strap for holding a cell phones and other equipment. Because most a re designed for this kind of work they are usually large enough to hold a box of ten reams of paper.

Baskets and racks can be mounted on the front or the rear of a bike providing extra carrying space. With bigger loads a trailer can be used, this is an alternative to the three wheeled option mentioned earlier

Communication via a hand-held device is an essential part of the work kit as delays, problems and new assignments need to be made aware to you and your contractor. Even a GPS tracking device may well be a useful item to pinpoint delivery destinations.

You bike and equipment is your key to earning extra money so insure this by carrying and using a good lock. A simple chain and padlock systems worn around your waist while riding will do. There are U-locks that come with a purpose-built holder that holds the lock on the bike frame. Don't find out that you need a lock when your bike has disappeared.

Basic tools to deal with mechanical problems and good weatherproof clothing should also be taken along. There are excellent tools and clothing around which are very light and don't take up much room.

There are many courier companies that will take you on straight away if you have you own bike and equipment. Most keen cyclists have all this anyway and set up for earning right now.

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