Friday, 26 September 2008

Knitting and Crochet Business

Have you ever thought of a knitting and crochet as a home based business?

Here in Bulgaria, most of the women can knit, many actually do it as an extra income, selling knitted garments in the market or bazaar, even walking around the street selling their wares to passing people, this is normal here. So why don't others consider this in many other westernised countries? All you need is a little know-how!

Earn an income while staying home with the children, add to your retirement income, you may be disabled or can’t work full time for some reason. Whatever the reason, you can have a craft business and earn a small income from it. You don't even need to be a woman to do this.

I can't say how much you can earn, everyone wants that answer. The answer to that is in your own hands literally! It is purely commensurate to how much effort and time you put into it, what products you choose to make and sell and where and how you decide to sell them.

It's not only knitting that can bring you in extra income but crochet work is also an area to be tapped into.

Even if you can't knit (that is not a barrier as you are about to find out) there are many loads of resources about where you can learn to knit and crochet. For the beginner, it is not difficult to learn basic skills that will serve you well over the years, don’t forget, it is a craft for life.

Anybody that learns craft know-hows and has a few ideas of their won can create a knitting and crochet business. The start up cost is nominal compared to other businesses, the only real layout would be a knitting machine, and there was you thinking that everything had to be done by hand!

The technology is there to potentially work in an industrial scale if you wish, but most don’t want that; they just want a little extra income from spare-time work. Many do however choose not to get a knitting machine, if you are one of them you may already have the knitting needles, crochet hooks, and patterns you need to get started. If not, there are many places that can provide these, not least online shopping!

Marketing your work is easy, with so many market places about nowadays. Your own stall in a market, car boot sales, online auctions, your own website to sell, local ads in shops and local papers Most of these sales avenues are easy to access, but the biggest sale will be with family and friends who refer you to their friends and workmates, if the network know you knit or crochet you will get orders from many people.

Selling your goods is great but think of the saving you will make by making your own family garments, that’s any added bonus, so you make an income and save money. How can you go wrong?

Lastly, this is a ‘green business'. In Bulgaria it is common that old garments are unthreaded and new garments made out of that wool. The new ‘recycled garment is just as good as a new, but cost absolutely nothing but time!

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Vancollins said...

Excellent post. I just learned how to knit. I would love to make a business out of it. Thanks for the info.