Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sell Lost Luggage

Making money out of someone's misfortune is big business. It is a fact of life that things go wrong or you lose things and when that happens there is always a business system that is in place to either sort the problem out for profit.

This business is one instance of doing just that. What happens if you lose you luggage at an airport? Sometimes you get it back sometimes you never see that luggage ever again. You can blame the airline staff or point a finger at the luggage handling staff it remains that this a fact that much of the luggage is lost forever.

We have tens of thousands bits of luggage being lost every year, but where do they go? Quite simply, luggage that is not claimed ends up at an auction and sells them to the general public. That pubic could just as easily be you.

The luggage can legally be auctioned off if not claimed after six months. Just think what stuff you put into your suitcases when you go abroad, not just for holidays but also for business or even immigrating. Lots of valuable items may well be contained with the luggage. These valuable items are usually separated from the luggage before being auctioned and sold as separate lots and can also be bid on. The valuable items sell a cheap prices at auctions and you have the option could either keep the goods for yourself or sell it on for more.

Like any auction, only bid on things you know about otherwise you could find yourself losing money rather if the item doesn't sell for more than you bought it for.

The exciting part is bidding for suitcases and hope there are some sellable good there such as, clothes, books, and other personal items you could sell on. It's a chance you take as auctioneers usually on give little details about what is in each suitcase so you won't know what you are buying.

If you bid wins the lot you can then open the Pandora's box and see what treasure it holds. Wash and iron the clothes it, take pictures it and stick them on eBay. Books have a selling place on Amazon. Don't forget to sell the suitcase, in many instances the price you pay for the whole package you will get back on the sale of the suitcase alone. The suitcases sell from around £5 to £50 on average.

Every country will have their own systems in place for auctioning lost luggage and may well also an auction house that is open to the public situated near to the airport. In the UK, Greasbys in Tooting, London are auctioneers who have been trading since 1919. Greasbys is the place where lost luggage is now auctioned from one of the biggest airports in the world. This comes of course with the reputation of being responsible for losing the most luggage in the world. The viewing is on Monday afternoon and the auction held the next day.

It's a very easy way to make extra money with hardly any expenses other than price of the luggage at auction. So if you are local to an airport find out where the lost luggage is auctioned and get bidding, there are treasure to be had and sold off and extra money in you pocket from other people misfortune. If you don't someone else will.

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