Monday, 1 September 2008

Google AdSense - It Makes Sense

Do you already have a website? If so, do you have Google Adsense up and running? If not why?

Just a little explanation if you don't already know:

Google is one of the most successful companies online and is giving away money for you to show their ads on your site by a scheme called Google Adsense.

How is works is a selection of small text ads which are related to your web topic are shown,these are what is known as PPC (pay per click) advertisements. It works by other sites who want to be advertised on the net to sign up with Google for their ad and every every time their advert is clicked on the advertiser pays a small sum to Google. You get a percentage of that sum whenever anyone clicks on that and everybody is happy.

In this system you can't lose the is no investment just little space put aside for you to earn on. And don't forget, what makes this better is that the ads that you display on your website will be mostly related to the content you provide on that page giving more potential clickers clicking.

To get started you just need to apply to Google and once accepted they will give you the code to paste onto your site that will start generating you money.

The are a few rules that need to be applied to in order for your site to be accepted and this is understandable as their advertisers must be happy and it raises the standard of good search results.

So, if you aren't already up and running with this, what are you waiting for? To read how to apply, what conditions Google lay down click here.

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