Friday, 5 September 2008

Money from Renting

If you can't afford something, what do you do? Forget it,?Wait until you can afford it ?Rr is there another option? If you really want something you can't afford there is another option. That option is to rent it out.

Right now with the credit crush in full swing many people just can't or don't want to spend out on things, so the renting market is ripe for picking if you have something that other people want. You're not selling it, just making money on an asset you have that is in demand.

Look at what you've got much is there stuff don't use or that you don't use? I bet there is a wad of stuff that you have but don’t want to sell, so why not rent them out?

There are loads of things you could rent, and lots of ways of doing it:

Machinery, drills, lawnmowers, etc. can be loaned out for the day; there is always someone who will want to use them on the odd occasion without wanting to buy. What about wardrobe, how many suits and dresses have you there that could be hired out, there is a big demand for these things all year round with birthdays, weddings, etc.,

Do you live in a congested road and have am off road parking space, rent that out to neighbours who don't. All you need is a signpost advertising it outside you house.

Do you have loft space of garage space, why not rent out the space fro storage, many a time people want a temporary place to store stuff and pay good money for this. The beauty it is easy money.

What about if you have a spare bedroom, rent that out, rented accommodation is in high demand in many areas and if you are in a university town students would be looking for just a place. From my experience foreign students are the best bet. You could earn over £100 per week in most areas. Check with you local university and get known that you have a room to rent.

Part of your garden is a potential allotment, which are now hard to find in many town areas. You could rent this out to keen gardeners in the area and not only will you be getting rent but you could barter for the fresh fruit and vegetables they grow and the big bonus is, someone is tending to you garden in the deal.

What about your car, how often do you use it, do you have two cars and use just one? Rent your car out when you are not using it. You could make lots of money that way.

If you have computer games, bicycles, or even renting out the use of your washing machine and/or tumble drier. All these have earning potential as income from rent and no overheads to reduce your profits.

So, if you want to make the most of goods that are just gathering dust, give it a go, what have you to lose?

Finally, look at This is a new site sponsored by eBay that helps you rent anything out to anyone. Why just sit there on potential earnings, make the most of your assets, there is always someone out there who will want to pay you for their use.

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