Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lollipop Lady/Man - The Job - The Pay

Most people live near a school and there is a opportunity to earn money working as a School Crossing Patrol Officer, better know as a lollipop man or woman because of the modified circular stop sign he or she carries, which resembles a large lollipop.

The job doesn't take up much of your time and for those who like working with children it would seem to be a good way of earning that extra cash. It is not always old people who do this job, many younger people are employed nowadays, usually parents of children who attend the school. And why not, they are there dropping off and picking up their children, why not hang around and earn a bit while they're there?

Did you know that under United Kingdom law it is an offence for a motorist not to stop if signalled to do so by a patroller? Also, the lollipop sign has the word "STOP", under which is a strip of black which is used to record in white chalk the registration numbers of motorists that do not stop. Under this there is the word "CHILDREN".

Just to be clear on what you duties will involve, they are quite simple but you are contracted to observe the following:
  • · Ensure the safety of children crossing a designated road between specified times.
  • · Carry out council policy to School Crossing Patrol which includes Health and Safety Procedures
  • · Use all uniform provided for the safety of you, the children and other members of the public.
  • · Maintain control over children who are awaiting you instructions to cross.
  • · Report any problems to your designated Manager

The pay starts at £1,722 per annum for working just 70 minutes a day, usually around 8:00 to 8:35 and 14:30 to 15:05. This works out at around £5.70 per hour, you will have to check your tax and national insurance liability on this.

Depending on the location and school times, your working hours can be extended to just under two hours with the hourly rate kicking in for extra money. The good side is that only work 9 months of the year, but you are paid over the 12 months!

Local authorities employ patrollers and this is who you should call for vacancies that might be around. You can find your own local authority and ask for details of vacancies under this site www.direct.gov.uk

It's a job that you can easily fit in around you day, especially if you have to do the school run every day. Another opening for a little extra cash that you may not have thought of.



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