Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A New Diet Plan Business

A New Diet Plan BusinessLooking around at businesses it is quite apparent that there are countless number making good profits out of diet plans and schemes. I don't believe 90% of them purely from the claims they make - We'd all be fit and slim if it was that simple.
  • Buy the book and you'll loose 10 kilograms in a month
  • Take these pills and you will be slimmer after a week
  • Follow this diet and you will be the babe on the beach within three months
  • Buy this Training schedule download and you'll be fitter and slimmer in a week
These are some of the types of claims that make their creators lots of money and the customers not always ended up with a healthy weigh loss at the end of the day.

A New Diet Plan BusinessI have said before that many you don't need any fancy diet, training or pills to help lose weight. These 'gimmicks' are bought by millions of people and will continue to make a good business for anyone who decides to try and fool the public. There is a weakness in countless people who want to believe there is a magic cure for slimming that can simply be bought for money.

This leads on the the point how this can make you a little income. There are two ways to do this, the honest and truthful way where you might make a little pocket money or the big deceitful way with claims that can never be achieved and make thousands.

Let's take the first option:

From your own experience you can give an account of how you think a good way of losing weight can be achieved. You can draw upon information that is freely available in books and on the web and draw up your own hybrid version of a weight losing idea or ideal. Spread the word through a self-published book and sell it, contribute to magazine articles (for a fee) go go online with a weight-losing topic blog or website which will become popular and you can place other wieghlosing sites' ads there.

The other way is to think of something really different, ridiculous and far fetched and claim it is the new slimming miracle that can't fail. For example - The Desert Island Diet - just eat coconuts and bananas or The Watching TV Training Programme - exercise during adverts. Get a Professor to swear blind these work along with Laurel and Hardy look-a-likes for the before and after and you have a complete portfolio to make a fortune.

A New Diet Plan BusinessWhether you can live with yourself taking the second option is another matter, thousands do of course. There is a third option and most people take this one. Don't do anything. The advice here is, if you want to make money out of conning people out of money for a diet plan that doesn't work go ahead, but remember, you won't go to heaven.


Mike Foster said...

Hi, I enjoyed your post and wanted to let you know. I'm still recovering from my shoulder surgery, getting better every day, but still have difficulty typing for long periods of time.


chubskulit said...

sounds like a good plan of business.. hmmmnnn... hey, i didn't notice till now that you have PR here already , congrat!

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Great work, my friend, great!

david santos said...

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