Thursday, 17 July 2008

Are U Stupid?

Some things just make you mad! This did, as they must think most people are STUPID!

Well maybe some are and to be quite honest that's who they are aiming to get, that's where THEY make their money.

Take a look at this intro....

"Don't Waste My Time...

Let's get something straight. I'm a jerk. I'm obnoxious. And I'm lazy.

And I don’t care, because I'm FILTHY RICH.

I'm much too important to even be sitting here writing this right now. So I'll keep it short.

I make several million dollars every year on the internet, doing almost nothing. You can see some proof here but please keep the drooling to a minimum.

Have you seen proof like that anywhere else? Didn't think so.

Do you make that much money? Didn't think so.
So Who the Hell Am I?"

Do you really think that this is a professional introduction to a legitimate and 'real' Internet enterprise?

Just don't go there and use your common sense.

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