Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ask Questions

It is a skill you can acquire quite easily with lots of practise, Something that many aren't that good either because of their personality or because they just don't know the importance of it.

People have problems, dreams, aspirations and hope, listening to them and asking questions about it is a skill that will benefit you enormously.

Business consultants are the maestros in this field and a leaf out of their book will always benefit your own business knowledge. Ask people what problems are, what issues they have or what kind of challenges they face in their business. Opportunities for your own business in solving these problems is something you can pick up on and take advantage of.

Helping people fulfil their dreams is helping you fulfil your own dreams by providing a vehicle for others. Giving answers to questions is a business, providing goods or a service to help others solve their problems is a guaranteed way of making a successful business.

It feels good as well!

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