Thursday, 31 July 2008

TV Game Shows

Don't you wonder sometimes why you couldn't be there on television and answer that vital question correctly to earn a wad of cash?

Well what are you waiting for, how do you think others go there in the first place? I'll show you how.

Imagine yourself in front of a live audience knowing that millions of viewers have their eyes glued to you. the smallest mistake and they will all know. Could you deal with this? Is it worth the stress even though that possible million pound jackpot is dangling like a carrot in front of you?

Only you can answer that, it takes a certain type of person to tackle this way of earning. If you apply you will know whether you are that person as the routine vets every contestant to check whether they are suitable for the role of a contestant. If not you might be relegated at least to one of the live audience and still get a paid.

Look at your TV guide and count how many game shows are on TV in one day. It will take you some time to gather up the number considering all the TV channel that cover them. These programmes need contestants to win prizes and they advertise that fact.

To apply you will need to be aged over 18 years and a decent standard of general knowledge, common sense and some personality, this will fare you well to winning the prizes.

The main avenue for the television programmes to relay their wants is You will find all the latest game show events, information and current vacancies.

There are a couple of more that give you more opportunities to apply.

There are many other websites may help bring you to the attention of TV people looking for game show contestants.

You need to have a telephone number and email address or home address to apply for an application form. All this information will be on the particular website so you don't have to remember it all now.

If you have to ring a telephone number, the chances are it is a premium number and you will incur inflated costs from this. typically from £1 to 1.50 per minute. This is normal television practice now. This falls into insignificance with the chance to win thousands, so bear with it.

The chances are that you pre-screened by a telephone interview and/or have to post in your application asking for personal information and what experience you may have had in TV games shows. You will also be asked to send this with a recent photograph.

The pre-screening audition will normally be in a hired hall or conference centre. this will be in a City or big town local to you. You will be fed and water over the few hours it takes for the process. Because it is held locally to you home address they don't normally pay travelling expenses at this stage.

Once there all the adjudicators from television will be there to observe how you interact with others. they will listen to how you project your voice and deal with public speaking. Also they will test you general knowledge and judge whether you understand the format of the game.

You will hear over the next few weeks or months whether you have been successful and if you have you will get a date, a time and a venue when to show up for the briefing.

In this time you should practice answering questions at home with friends and watch as many of the programmes of the game show or quiz you are to appear on to get the feel.

The television folk are professional people and they will look after you and make sure you have a wonderful time, even if you don't win anything. you will have met celebrities and made new friends.

The bonus is the prizes you may end up winning, they could have a major affect on you and your family and set you up for life!

If you come away with nothing, you know you have the credentials to get there so why not try again, many do and make a living out of it, until they win the big one, then retire!


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