Monday, 21 July 2008

Campus Brand Manager

There is an increasing population of students, not only from the homeland but from other countries. With this you may well be one, if you are this is a good way to earn a but more. Lets be honest, you need more than a student loans to survive on.

Many different types of companies are looking for students to promote themselves to the student populations on campus. The range of promotions can be from sportswear through to energy drink or even film companies.

Your business acumen will be tested for sure as there are countless opportunities to demonstrate these credentials. Be warned though, the work involved is time consuming and you may have to work around a timetable so your studies aren't affected.

The average pay for this is around £300 a term. There are some firms who also pay in a commission basis which may of may not exceed this minimum flat rate.

To find out more about this you need to look on student notice job boards, that's where the firms will target their ads. You will also find many companies that will visit the campus on a recruitment run. Ask your information officer at the institution they will know.

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