Friday, 18 July 2008

Buying Books - Why?

So many businesses now are online to sell you money making secrets in the form of a book. Either a hard copy or an ebook.

Ever got one an read it? Did it ever turn you into a money making business? Thought not.

All these book consist of is regurgitated information that has already been published on a public domain. It is a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing. You give yo money you receive the book but what you learn yo already know. The information is just another person telling yo the same story.

So why buy books in the first place. Well they make it sound so attractive, a can't fail plan just waiting for you and the promise of no financial outlay. Bullshit! That just doesn't happen in business and is a ploy quite simply for yo to let go of money to buy their material.

Wise up guys, most of these publications you could write and sell, hang on, why don't you?

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