Saturday, 5 July 2008

Thinking Time

Doing something is quite easy, commiting yourself to an action without thought in this day and age of speedy communication by the click of a mouse button.

How many time have you wished you never sent that email, signed up for a subscription, gone into a link you didn't want or even delete something you didn't want to delete? Many times I'm sure.

The point I'm trying to get over in this message is, always have a little thinking time before execution. I few seconds of though can save so much time and money. Undoing things is always much harder and sometimes it is actually impossible to undo.

Sending emails, always read through and think, what do I want to say, am I saying it, is there stuff here I don't need to say? Short emails are much more efficient than long winding ones. People like to get a clear message.

Committing yourself to subscription. Do you really want this, can I unsubscribe without getting 1000's of spam associated with it? You've been here before, do you want to go there again this time. A little thought give you more hours in the day.

Trying to get thing done as quickly as possible is the way of the world, take a step back and think about it. You are your own boss and dictate your own pace. Not slow but carefully with thought, there is a big difference.

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