Sunday, 27 July 2008

Free Scratchcards Winnings

Playing free scratch cards and where to safely play free scratchcards online is another avenue of earning but what a the good and bad points of this option?

Scratchcard have been around for some time now either online or free with a publication and you've probably had a go like most other people. Who can resist the temptations of a win for nothing as the scratching starts and the thoughts of that Plasma TV or luxury holiday just around the corner. Did you win the big one? No, the chances of the big prizes are of course rare with extreme odds put against it.

There are a number of different names these scratch cards come under: Freescratchcards, instant win game, scratch to match, scratch off, scratch2cash, free scratchcards, scratch and win, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratch prize tickets, scratch game and many others.

The main format of scratchcards are to match icons from panels in mutiples of three, where the player takes a coin and rubs off a film to reveal the results. In the case of online systems the mouse is used on the panel to reveal symbols.

Themes are varied and colourful and an array of topics ranging from simple one arm bandits to Outer Space. The winners have to get a designated series of matching symbols.

All for free and a chance to win, why is this such a give away? There is a reason in so much that it can certainly lead to to become an addict and playing more and more games and parting with cash.

Websites sometimes let you play free online scratch cards with instant notification telling you whether you have won or lost. You will find that you will win on many occasions and to claim your prize you need to give your name and e-mail address some asking for your address, telephone number, occupation, marital status, salary range, age, date of birth, number of children and your shoe size! A massive amount of information, there's a reason.

These website are a front sometimes to gather information and use for illegal purposes. The password you use on this particular site may inadvertently be the same as for your online bank account? Get ready for spam, phone calls and junk mail.

The trade off to your will are your personal information to sell to third parties?

You do get your prize but on many occasions it may be prize points to play again or spend on their website. More chance of you getting addicted and possibly start spending on the form of your success.

Other games will be introduced such as some bingo, casino, poker, slot machines, card games and other instant win games. you are gradually becoming a slave to the system. Bear in mind that even professional gamblers and go out of business.

Most website do pay out the winning promised therefore money can be made. But this is a business that is risky unless you set firm guidelines for yourself and have the discipline and non distraction. So if you do not have these attributes it would be best to avoid earning extra money in this way but find something else that is not addictive.

Gambling has always had a bad press and for good reason. For a bit of fun, in between more serious money making, great, but it certainly isn't a get rich quick scheme.

If you do decide to go along with it just set yourself time limits and see how it goes.

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