Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Completing Quizzes at Home

Another working from home idea for making dosh that will appeal for many reasons. There is a very good reason why you might consider this money making idea.

One very good reason is you don't have to be a mastermind to take part in these. The filling out quizzes at home enables you to take as much time as yo like to look up and research the answers. You can do this with hard copy reference books, or from the Internet. Also there is nothing to stop you popping down to your local library and researching there. Most of the facilities in libraries are free to use and there's always a librarian there to help you. So really as long as you can read you will not be handicapped in any way from finding answers to questions asked in these quizzes.

Some good Internet sites for these quiz competition are given here: - Everyday the winning quiz score gets a great prize that is totally free - This tests your knowledge with range of quizzes, registering is free - You can win multiple prizes and gain entry into many prize draws. - A trivia knowledge quiz with chances to win prizes.

There is normally a time limit to complete the quizzes but there will usually be more than enough time for you to have gathered your answers, filled in the details and been to the post box to submit your completed quiz to the all important quiz master.

Some Internet quiz sites provide funds for charities and this is a good fun way raise money for their good causes but you still get a prizes if you win. Here is on example: - They ensure as much as possible goes to charity but still give prizes!

Off line yo can find charities that run quizzes. Most charity shops will have some kind of competition running just visit them ans ask. If they don't they will know of others that do, they are always very helpful with your enquiries.

Say a charity sells 300 of the quiz sheets, to produce these they would have had to invest money on paper, printing and man hours spent composing the quiz sheet. These cost aren't much as volunteers are usually found but it still costs. More volunteers are needed to hand out the quiz sheets at say a pound each.

If they all sell that's £300 less the cost of production say £50 and £100 prize money, that's £150 to charities. Everyone wins and has a bit of fun.

Other at quizzes can be found in many magazines and newspapers with cash prizes of anything from £5 to £1000, many giving away holiday or new cars as prizes. Again the beauty is you can do all this at home and there is plenty of time to research you answers.

You won't become a millionaire but if you preserve you will win something and increase you general knowledge substantially and you can't put a prize on that!

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