Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Laundry Work For Money

Who likes ironing ? The more that answer with a 'No!' the better! great? The reason is it's a good omen for business, there is always someone else who can do it, possibly you!

If people hate or don't have time for ironing the chances are they will also want you to wash their clothes, towels, bed linen, tablecloths etc. They will pay a bit extra for the complete door to door service.

The business that can easily be set up at home with tools that you may already have in place. A washing machine and tumble drier, and iron and ironing board.

It is hard work and time consuming but you will get paid for all that and more if the person can't collect and deliver the laundry - A door to door service usually pays even more.

Let's split up the work.

The Washing

Most of the business will revolve around this service. It is simple enough, although you need to be aware that certain items cannot be put into a washing machine. Sorting out the colours from the white and the different temperature and programs needed for various material based items need attention to avoid disasters. Of course this sorting service should also account for another fee if needed.

The Drying

Tumble dry or washing line drying the latter saving on cost of course. But you really do need a decent good quality tumble drier to get all year round business.

The Ironing

Ironing give a professional finish to the service and the service should be offered in conjunction with the previous services or on it's own. Many people just HATE ironing. The work means a lot of standing around for hour on end, but can be done whilst watching TV, listening to the radio or even talking to friends you have around.

It is important that you have a smoke free zone in the ironing area, the last thing customers want is cigarette or cooking smell on their freshly ironed laundry.

You do need to be a non smoker and have a house or flat that is free from smokers - no-one wants to have their laundry and ironing back smelling of cigarette or cigar smoke.

The Door to Door Delivery Service

If you have a car or access to a car you can offer to collect and deliver the laundry and charge a little bit more. you will also improve you chances of getting work against others who do not provide this service. In essential the easier it is for the customer the more it will be appreciated and taken up.


The work you gain can quite easily build up to a full time occupation. If the service yo supply is good you will get referrals but it is better to help yourself by advertising and get more professional by getting business cards printed and handed out. Give customers a handful of the cards and if they like your service you know they will be given out. Business card can be made up easily and cheaply, even in vending machines at the bigger supermarkets. But my advice is get them done professionally and you will impress more customers for business.

A couple of online sites provide this service:

DIY Insurance

You need to check clothes for damage before you start the laundry service. This will insure that you don't get blamed for and damage, including rips, stains, iron burns or missing buttons/sequins that are apparent before your services were rendered.

Take the items in question to one side and return unprocessed, you can even offer to repair the items if yo have the skills to do this, another service you may want to offer.

The bottom line is, don't laundry damaged clothing without the customer being made aware that how they were when you received them.

Tools for the Trade

Washing Machine
The simple answer to this is get the best you can afford. The type of machine is also commensurate on how much work you want to take on. Don't get a built in tumble drying facility with the washing machine, just use it for washing and spinning.

Tumble Drier
Again, the best you can afford and the advice here. The reason you need a stand alone tumble drier are that dedicated machines are far better than multifunctional ones and it save time as you can tumble dry at the same time as the washing machine cycle running (and ironing for that matter).


A cheap iron is a false economy, what is really needed is a steam iron that can cope with the variety of clothing and different types of materials.

Ironing Board
The ironing board with height control that fits in comfortably at your height. Don't forget this will be your workplace and many hour will be spend by your ironing office.

Clothes basket

The plastic one are the best as the wicker type tend not to last as long and the wicker fragments after a time of use.


Incidental, if you buy new items solely for your business the total cost can offset on you tax returns along with other cost to do with the business, electricity, repairs etc.
The Contract

You need to have a standard contract or agreement of work that covers the eventuality of the loss of or damage to garments. In effect you will be telling the clients that you will not have to pay for any damage caused by wear and tear or items that delivered to you that were damaged accidental or otherwise whilst in your care.

Take you time over the contract as it could damage you profits if you don't get the agreement in the first instance. Look at other contracts drawn up by other laundry businesses and get you drafts from them.

Honest is the best policy i you have damaged garments or had a catastrophe don't try and hide it. Be honest own up and apologise offering some kind of compensation. You will retain their services if you stick to that policy. On the other hand if you try and cover this up, they will know, you will lose their work and others they had recommended to use you.

Finally, don't forget to register as a business with the tax office and all who need to know. If your profits exceed as certain amount you are required by law to do this. Chack out this siter for the current rates : Income-tax-rates-2007-8

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