Thursday, 24 July 2008

Play Internet Quizzes for Money

Making a bit of dosh on the side is not all about hard work you can have a but of fun whilst earning. The money isn't regular but you still get that little extra all the same and have more irons in the fire if you do these.

Are Internet quizzes for you? Making money it's also about using your strengths, this is money in the bank. So, if general knowledge is one of your strengths, use it to you advantage Playing Internet quizzes could be for you if this is the case.

There are countless websites on the Internet where prizes are given for quizzes. Most give prizes as a lead to registering to their site. There are lots of subjects matter to choose from, sports, television, films, food and drink etc. These sites earn their money from advertising which can be a bit distracting as banner ads flash up between questions.

A bit about e-mail addresses. You will be asked for an e-mail address so that more mailing ads and offers can be sent to you.. If you set up a specific email just for Internet quizzes then this would save your everyday e-mail account being cluttered up with junk mail. You need to check the email account as this is where you will find post telling you whether you have won.

Large cash prizes are usually up for offer as prizes as they are normally sponsored, what's more these competitions are not made up but real as the winners names are published usually on the home page.

Most quizzes are based on an easy starting point then becoming increasingly difficult. A good tip is to take you time with the answers ensuring they are correct. 'Wild card' prizes are quite common where someone who gets to a certain position for that day get a prize, more luck than judgement with this but still there is prize at the end of it.

The quizzes vary in their format, some are just short sessions others a day long process and other extended over weeks, the latter usually to build up points and the prized awarded to the competitor with the most.

I have found a few Internet quiz sites that offer a variety of prizes on different formats, there are of course many more, you just need to pick some that suit you.

Finally, Internet quizzes are no guarantee of a regular income but if you have a good knowledge base you are more likely to win here than on other Internet competitions. The whole point is it's fun and the cash prizes usually pay out well.

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